Experience service (2021)

Experience Service by iBiom Inc. are events created by passionate people. The database of the service contains experiences that are different from classic excursions and master classes. No boring city tours, monotonous lectures and workshops on hackneyed topics. Only adventures, emancipatory practices, deep themes and guides of a new kind.

New service launched by iBiom Inc.

On October 16 and 17, 2021, during Art Weekend, the first launch of the service took place inside and outside the Wynwood Hotel. During the Art Weekend galleries, art spaces and workshops of artists open up to a wider audience for an “open day”.

First launch of the service

The first events in the Experience Service were the Apocalypse training (Techno-Poetry), the Walk through the intimate places of St. Petersburg (Aleksandr Semenov), the Cultural quest around Kolomna (Kolomna neighborhood) and the Ritual to reunite with patron plant (Katia Yatsenko).

Apocalypse Training and Other Experiences

The "Listen to Your Roots Sprouting" experience is a ritual to reunite with the patron plant. The reconstruction of the rite of the ancient Botafi tribe usually takes place under the conditions of a scientific experiment.

During Art Weekend, the laboratory moved to the Wynwood Hotel space. Moving along the map under the supervision of a guide, each participant independently paved the way to himself and his plant.

Experience Author is Katia Yatsenko, an artist who works with fabric and embroidery, installations and performance art.

Listen to Your Roots Sprouting

Hello there! You are in a room with a view of St. Petersburg's only mural by the artist Pokras Lampas. You have 15 minutes alone to solve its mystery. Or leave it unsolved.

Experience Author is St. Petersburg’s Styd Gallery, founded by curator Aleksandra Generalova and artists Aleksandra Gart and Evgeny Kuzmichev.

Room number two with a view of the mural

45-minute emancipatory, life-intensive "Apocalypse Training" helps form the ability to remain in critical position.

Experience Author is an interdisciplinary group "Techno-Poetry" that works with the current social agenda in artistic practice, using different formats: musical concerts, performances and video production.

Life intensive "Apocalypse Training"

Gentrification and urbanization lead to the loss of unpaved urban spaces. Not so long ago you could sit alone on the Karpovka, surrounded by rusty boats. Now there are no lazy ones here. Where can you find solitude in a big city, and why is it important to preserve personal space? We talked about this during an hour and a half walk around Petrovsky Island.

Experience Author is Alexander Semyonov, design historian, blogger and one of the creators of the telegram channel "The Enema of Romanticism"

Intimate places: where to retire in the big city

Kolomna. Treasure Map" is a cultural quest in the historical district of St. Petersburg, designed for independent passage. Having passed the path of simple tasks, the participants could see the main sights of Kolomna and visit its most hidden corners.

The map was carefully made by the residents themselves, the participants of Kolomna's Good Neighborhood, so that the guests could feel the atmosphere of the most bohemian and port area of the city.

Experience Author is "Neighborhood of Kolomna", an informal association of residents united by their love for where they live.

Сultural quest "Kolomna. Treasure Map"

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