Resistance to fragile destruction of a stable organism (2019)

In this project the world is gripped by a plague of universal fatigue. Analysis of an extensive database of bacteria collected from smartphones of users of the iBiom Box service allowed the company to hypothesize a bacterial cause of fatigue

Plague of universal fatigue

The project presents mechanisms society behavior: the ones of companies, media, scientific institutions, and ordinary citizens. In the world of fatigue, knowledge coexists with unscientific way of thinking, largely related to a person's desire to explain invisible phenomena.

Mass hysteria mechanisms

News of the world gripped by universal fatigue
Thanks to the collected bio-data, a group of iBiom researchers made a sensational discovery, eventually finding the fatigue bacteria in the biomaterial from phones. It was named Astenia.

Astenia is a bacteria of fatigue

iBiom inc. has launched the Energy Hole project. Scientists are looking for new energy to overcome fatigue by studying deep-seated bacteria and their ability to survive in difficult conditions

Energy Hole project

The cause of fatigue infection is a bacterial imbalance in the intestines. Astenia easily adapts to the modern human body and lifestyle. If you feel low energy level, then you can take a set of exercises from iBiom Inc.

Set of exercises for tired people

iBiom Training
Set of exercises for people with high levels of fatigue
Collective exhibition "Impulse", Kuryokhin center, Saint-Petersburg, 2019

Installation views

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