In-Out Lab (2019)

The world of information acceleration provokes a person to constantly look for new ways to concentrate, relax and calm. This explains the popularity of various bodily, respiratory and meditative practices.

The iBiom Inc., which has a bacterial approach to the modern challenges, presents the first self-scrolling laboratory for getting rid of fatigue - transmedial plunge into the depths of the designed virtual cave and the study of its biosphere.

Self-scrolling laboratory

Studying the underground life of bacteria, the iBiom team discovered their colossal ability to survive for thousands of years under tremendous pressure and limited energy. That is why the new direction of the company grows from the depths of the earth's crust.

Diving under the earth

Due to the pandemic, iBiom moved its fatigue-curing laboratories online. Special sessions were held for the Geek Picnic visitors in St Petersburg.

Switching to digital

Online performance-excursion, festival Geek Picnic
Online cave tours
In 2020, iBiom Inc. launched an online cave for everyone. Now anyone can visit the Blackout Cave on their own, where self-scrolling sessions have been held to reduce fatigue.
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