Sensitive service (2020)

As a result of long negotiations, iBiom Inc. received an order to provide "Sensitive service" on the territory of the "Manezh" during the exhibition "Nemoskva is just around the corner".

Guests were able to experience the sensitivity of the service as soon as they entered the museum in the checkroom area. A pleasant, soft voice greeted the visitors and informed them about the "Sensitivity Mode" in the museum with the support of iBiom.

iBiom Inc. wins the tender

In order to minimize the potential stress for visitors due to special conditions, the package of services included: cleaning of stairways, "sensitive" audio support, a training video about observing personal hygiene, recreation areas with the possibility of indirect and safe communication as well as information posters and multifunctional keychains.
Mock-ups of safety signs for the stairs
The face of responsive service is the musical-cleaning group "Microfiber", whose traces appear in various parts of the museum.

In the video, "Microfiber" reenacts pandemic rituals (donning a mask and gloves, sanitizing, endless cleaning) through repetitive movements in the style of Japanese dance flash mobs and '80s aerobics. The video, a fun reimagining of sanitary obsession through obsessive aerobics, loosens things up and relaxes people.


Musical cleaning group "Microfiber"
Promotional posters in various parts of the museum talked about new services and gadgets needed to survive in a post-pandemic world: a yeast farm for home symbiosis of microorganisms, receptor transplantation through mucous membranes, and exoskeletons with new levels of tactility.

Yeast farm, receptor transplantation, and other new world possibilities

In the pandemic and post-pandemic worlds, the benches have become places for one. You can’t chat, you can’t share experiences, and you can’t get to know anyone.

The Sensitive service team has given the benches back their communicative function. On responsive benches in the Manege, one could listen to voice messages from previous visitors and leave a message for the next.

Communication took place with the help of a telegram bot in the form of a digital moth named Sandy.

Bot-communicator Sandy

Three times a day, Sandy sent out random invitations to her club. The guest who received the invitation went to the Manege Store, called out the code word "Insecta," and received a touchless keychain tool that is a sort of tendril that can be used to probe surfaces, just like Sandy.

Invitation to Insecta

Collective exhibition "NEMOSKVA IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER", The Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Installation views

The assembly of the installation
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