Open Days of the Institute of Fatigue (2021)

In 2021, as part of the exhibition "Staying with the Trouble", iBiom Inc. organized open days of the Institute of Fatigue, created in the group's previous projects.

Educational market entry

iBiom artists reproduce in their works the ideology of the capitalist market, where each individual is a customer, any relationship is a service, and every event in the world is a reason to create a product.

This time they have entered the educational market and launched the program "Merging Systems: Virus-Social Research" at the Institute of Fatigue.

Мerging Systems: Virus-Social Research

Stream-presentation of the educational program "Merging systems: Virus-social research
At the heart of the programme is sociovirusology, a term introduced in 2017 by Samuel L. Díaz-Muñoz, professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, and his colleagues. In "Sociovirusology: conflict, cooperation and communication between viruses", published in Cell Host & Microbe, the authors propose a critical study of inter-viral interactions based on the theory of social evolution. They compare the behaviour of viruses with mechanisms observed in society: social bonds, language of communication, collective decisions, coordination of actions and mutual assistance.

Sociovirusology is the program's core

Video presentation of the educational program
The program implies a new educational method: Carottage, which includes a variety of research approaches: from microbiological to social. Students go through theoretical and practical sessions, slowly expanding the radius of their research and eventually reaching interdisciplinary intersections.

The Institute of Fatigue has various laboratories, sound and body practices. There are also familiar educational formats such as discussions, lectures and seminars.

The program is based on Carottage

During the exhibition, at the stand of the Institute of Fatigue, it was possible to fill out a questionnaire and become a potential participant in the pilot recruitment.

Participation in the pilot recruitment

Collective exhibition "Staying with the Trouble", gallery AIR ITMO, Saint Petersburg, 2021

Installation views

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