milk (2020)


MILK (2020)

Collective exhibition "()", Egorka communal gallery, St. Petersburg, 2020
Silicone, medical catheter, backlit, light box
Site-specific art, photography, sculpture, artist book
The work "Milk" which is "poured" on the piano in the Egorka Communal Gallery is a symbiosis of several of my projects. One of them is "Milk Bar Avent", the performance I made two years ago. The search for breast milk for it led to the events described in a little auto-fictional story lying on the piano.

A piece from another project is a photograph from a series of body extenders for interspecies communication. In this series, I work with alternative scenarios. What if we could feed trees with our milk or even make a trans-specific transition and become a stone?

Combined into one work, the two projects make the piano impossible to play and free of a predefined function. I design my practice in a similar way. Not only my physical but also my social body is a reinvented tool. My life as an author is inseparable from my story, each event becomes the milk for a new project.
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